Though most of us can’t physically travel right now, there’s still a wonderful world out there for us to explore together. Traveling In Quarantine spotlights people and places through which we can escape our sequestered realities… and in the process expand our Traveling IQ.

Ravi Roth of Ravi Round The World explores Provincetown
Ravi Roth in Provincetown

Traveling In Quarantine: Ravi Round The World in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Ravi Roth created the brand “Ravi Round The World” nine years ago. In that time, he’s trekked the globe as a blogger, vlogger, content creator and influencer, exploring Queer culture in 32 countries. He bases his itinerary for each destination on experiences from the people who actually live there. In Ravi’s own words: “I fearlessly capture and discover where to stay, play, eat, work out, sights to see and the Queer history.”

He is also an explosion of charisma, a super-sized helping of EXXXXTRA and a fantastic friend.

Ravi has been branded an expert in the Queer travel community. He has been named one of the “Top 10 Gay Travel Instagrammers in the World to Follow” by Unicorn Booty, nominated for “Best Insta Traveler of 2019″ by Gay Cities and recognized as “People We Love in 2019” by Metrosource. As a travel writer, his articles have been published on Queerty, Gay Cities, Out Buzz, The Advocate, Out Clique, Metrosource, INTO and Unicorn Booty. As a sought-after lecturer on Queer travel, he has been a featured speaker at the NY Times Travel Show, LGBT Week, Google and Community Marketing Insights. Yeah, he’s been busy! He’s also an actor, singer and host who has called the Big Apple home for 14 years. 

Traveling In Quarantine interviews Ravi Round The World and together explore Provincetown, Massachusetts:

Ravi Round The World at the Boat Slip Resort
Ravi Round The World hits The Boatslip

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IQ: How did you get involved in your career?

Ravi: I moved to the Big Apple to be a star on the BROADWAY. After performing in NYC and on the road, I became super interested in travel. I became fascinated with Anthony Bourdain (RIP) and Samantha Brown! I started Vlogging and I was a natural on YouTube. I got invited to trips around the globe and the rest is HERSTERY.

What are three things you’d like readers to know about you: 

I am the most driven human on the planet. I beat to my own drum. I love goats. I can sing my face off. I think that safe spaces for Queer people are becoming fewer and fewer due to hook up apps. I want to end transphobia, biphobia, body shaming and be a voice and share a story for those who can’t. I believe that the older queer generation is often forgotten about. I want to capture the stories of the older generation to share with the world.

How did you get involved in travel?

I went on a trip with my ex (BYE GURL) and left the country at age 25 for the first time. We went to London, Paris, and Barcelona. I vlogged my experience and showed it to my talent manager. He said I needed my own gay travel show. The next day my best friend Katharine McPhee invited me to the White House Correspondence Dinner on a private jet. I vlogged the entire experience. (Don’t worry I got my reality check by taking a greyhound bus home.) It was that experience that added clout and left me super hungry to trek the globe.

Where are you from and where do you live now? 

From outside of Scranton, PA. Now I live in NYC. But ACTUALLY now I live in a quarantine house in LA by the beach for the remainder of Covid-19!

Describe your featured destination.

Ptown is a dream town. It is a place where being gay was just always accepted. Ptown welcomes all. 

What makes Ptown unique?

It is a safe place for anyone in the LGBTQIAPK community. It is a place to be uniquely you!

What makes Ptown a place for LGBTQ travelers?

It is gay Disneyworld!

What are three spots that you love in your destination and why? 

Pilgrim Monument for the views, Arts Dune Tours for the incredible history of Provincetown, Provincetown Library because it has a legit SHIP inside and is architecturally stunning.

What are three LGBTQ highlights of your destination?

Everywhere lol. But seriously the entire town is gay. I do however love the unofficial gay nude beach, Herring Cove. My favorite activity to do in Ptown is Tea at The Boatslip Resort. It’s a huge dance party every day at 4pm. I am also obsessed with dancing the night away at A-House. #JustTheTip make sure you go to Spartacus Pizza after all the bars shut down. You might just get lucky

If Coronavirus is magically cured overnight and quarantine ends abruptly, where will you choose to celebrate?

I would celebrate by wearing my most extra costume ever which would consist of a speedo or jock, wig, and a fan and would be with my crew dancing and laughing at The Boatslip Resort. 

If you could choose to be isolated anywhere in the world, where would it be?

BALI hands down. The air, the ocean, the sunsets and food are pure MAGIC! Just someone please bring me a cabana boy!

Don’t take IQ’s word for it. See for yourself when Ravi Round The World explores Provincetown:

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