Sunset over Alto Douro

Now is “the perfect time not to visit anything.”

And the award for Best Tourism Campaign During COVID-19 goes to Visit Portugal.

The tourism marketing organization promoting Portugal has released a video urging the world to STOP.

The narrator’s voice, heard over beautiful scenes of the country (all of which were captured prior to the COVID-19 pandemic) says: “It’s time to stop. It’s time to look out for each other in the distance. Time to stare humanity in the eyes. To take a break, for the world. It’s time to stop. Time to make a pause, so we can play again. To think of everyone, and meet no one.”

“Nature, landscapes, beaches and monuments aren’t going anywhere,” the narrator continues. “They will still be there waiting for a better time to be lived. And we must do the same for a while. It’s time to stop.” 

The campaign manages to promote the natural beauty of Portugal while taking a responsible stand on current travel. You’ll want to see this video. And you will want to book a trip to Portugal as soon as this crisis passes.

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