Between the warmth of a holiday visit and the heat of a summer vacation lies a deep gulf of COLD.  Traditionally, winter is a slow time for travel.  ‘Tis the season to get back to work, hit the gym, and save some money–lock yourself indoors as the snow, cold, dread, and boredom of your life envelops you.  Feeling smothered by your snuggie?  It’s time to escape.  Can’t take a trip?  Your trip will deliver.  Let your taste buds revive a memory or stimulate a new travel fantasy.  If you are…

Yearning to Bask Under the Tuscan Sun
Biscotti Di Vecchio takes the traditional Tuscan cookie and makes it extraordinary.  With flavors ranging from classic (Toasted Almond) to innovative (Cayenne Cherry Chocolate Chunk), these handmade treats are a perfect transport to Tuscany’s rolling hills.

Hungry for a Windy City Stuffing
Since opening in 1974,  Giordano’s Famous Stuffed Pizza has become a mecca for pizza lovers.  Stuffed with cheese and your favorite toppings, it’s a thick, delicious slice of Chicago.  Can’t make it to one of its locations?  Order online and have your favorite pie shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Wanting to Mess with Texas
Salt Lick BBQ has been servin’ it up in Driftwood, Texas, since 1967.   Bring a taste of the Lone Star to your state with a feast of beef brisket, pork ribs, and Habanero-smoked turkey breast.  Or add a little kick to your daily diet, with a bottle of the Secret Recipe BBQ Sauce.

Lonely for Big Ben
Bring the bloke home with a simmering cup of  PG Tips Tea.  England’s favorite tea for over 75 years is available in various forms, but none more popular than in the revolutionary pyramid bags.   The extra room provides the leaves more space to move, allowing each bag to act as a miniature teapot.  Available at fine teashops or online.

Lacking C from the Sunshine State
Cushman’s Fruit Company delivers a dietary supplement far more delicious than your local vitamin store.  Florida grown Valencia Oranges, Honey Tangerines and Crown Ruby Red Grapefruit will recharge your immune system and spread a little sunshine on those gray winter days.

So whether foreign or domestic, the taste of escape is only a click away.

5 thoughts on “Taste A Trip

  1. Great idea! As a windy city boy, I do get cravings for that incredible pizza. Had no idea that was an option. Thanks!

  2. oh honey…would that it were so easy….until i can plant plant my first dahlia i’ve got the razor blades at the ready….:)

  3. Thank you, I will try when I travel to New York City.
    It is a good help because I never know where to go.
    My dear you are very smart, you have a sharp IQ.

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