Cruise: (krüz) n. a voyage on a ship or boat
Cruise: (krüz) v. to attempt to pick up a sexual partner

This year, sexually adventurous ladies (and men) can discover the various definitions of cruising as controversial ships set sail for a port (or two… or three… or…) near you.

On May 16, 2010, the 2nd International Cougar Cruise, aboard Royal Carribean, departs Los Angeles for a 7 day exploration of—among other things—Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan, Mexico.  Arranged by Singles Travel Company, the Cougar Cruise targets the coupling of younger men and older women.  Later in December, the 3rd International Cougar Cruise embarks from Miami aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Too limiting?  Cruising is about options.  And no ship this year will explore that idea more fully than the “Carnival Imagination” Swingers Cruise.    YOLO Cruises (acronym for You Only Live Once) has chartered a Carnival cruise ship set to sail from Miami on October 29, 2010, for a three-night vacation catering to poly-amorous adults.

According to YOLO’s website (which may not be appropriate for viewing at work), “the time has come for this sensual lifestyle phenomenon to have its own private escape where all can experience an erotic vacation of pure indulgence.”   Some things to note before booking:  Nudity is allowed at pool areas and sexual acts are permitted in designated playrooms and, of course, private staterooms.  Also, the cruise is not open to single men; only couples and single females can sail.

Ironically, the Swingers Cruise will dock at only one port, in the Bahamas.

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