Dissatisfied Valentine?

Are you dissatisfied with Valentine’s Day?

The Bible teaches us to “turn the other cheek.”
Polite behavior suggests we “take the high road.”
Mom advises us to “kill them with kindness.”

Traveling IQ recommends you find the joy in “giving.”
Let him/her know how you feel with a bottle of delicious, red wine.

This South Australian Grenache is imported by The Grateful Palate and can be purchased online or at your neighborhood wine store.

Because sometimes actions speak louder than words.


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6 responses to “Dissatisfied Valentine?

  1. Thom

    Can I get a case??

  2. IQ

    In Hell’s Kitchen you can get it at Grace Wine on 10th Ave and 44th Street.

  3. I know and love this wine. I swear the name is just a coincidence…

  4. Jeno

    The wine store on 9th Ave at 48th St sells a descent, good (not great) white wine: Menage a Trois … for what occasion will you recommend that? 🙂


  5. IQ

    I actually really like that wine. The red too. It’s inexpensive and I always appreciate a sassy name.
    I first had the red at Thalia on 8th Ave in NYC: http://www.restaurantthalia.com/

  6. Jeno

    I only ate once at Thalia, wasn’t impressed.

    But then again my fav place in hood is Giuliano (formerly Roberto Passon) , my heart (and stomach) is theirs. As you know it’s not easy for me to have a change of heart 🙂 .

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