Touring the city of Amsterdam, you will discover that houseboats make cozy homes for people…and kitty cats.

For a unique perspective on the lives of some of the Netherlands’ most frisky felines, check out the Poezenboot (or Cat Boat), a floating sanctuary for stray and abandoned cats, on the Singel Canal. When Henriette Van Weelde took in a mama cat and her kittens in 1966, she never imagined she was setting a course toward creating one of the world’s most famous shelters. Officially registered as a charity in 1987, the Cat Boat serves as a home and adoption shelter for the four-legged furries and a tourist attraction for us two-legged travelers. As the Poezenboot receives no government assistance and relies solely on volunteers and private donations, make sure to leave a little contribution after your visit—a little cat-tip for the catnip.

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