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Amsterdam’s Milkshake Festival

Amsterdam’s Milkshake is bringing all the boys and girls to the Westerpark yard on Sunday, July 22.

Under the tag line, “For boys who love girls who love girls who love boys who love boys…” the inaugural Milkshake Festival will present five stages, featuring music, dancing, performance art, and an all-out celebration of Amsterdam’s liberal character.

As stated on their website, the outdoor festival will promote a strict “Free Love & Tolerance” policy, inviting everyone to be themselves:  “Life is a party thanks to the great diversity of skin colors, religions, sexual preferences and male and female forms… Thick, thin, small, large, gay, straight, trans, travo, black or white: people are the salt of the earth and this is what we celebrate!”

So check your attitude at the gate, and take a big gulp of Amsterdam’s thick, frothy, all-welcoming blend.  Confused?  Don’t worry, they can teach you, but they’ll have to charge… an entrance fee of 32.50 euros (about $40).

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The Week in Travel (5/4/12)

Photo courtesy of Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum, Amsterdam

The world of travel moves fast!  Let’s keep up, together.  Today, Traveling IQ launches the first installment of “The Week in Travel” series, featuring noteworthy travel stories from the past week:

*LGA is the bottom!  Sorry New York, but La Guardia has been ranked “America’s Worst Airport” by Travel & Leisure readers.  Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) has been crowned the top. (via Travel & Leisure)

*Dude, where’s my Amsterdam?  A Dutch court has upheld the ban on selling marijuana to tourists.  The proposed members-only “weed pass”, which limits the sale of marijuana to Dutch residents over age 18, is potentially rolling out  Jan. 1, 2013. (via USA Today)

*The ship of dreams (again?!).  Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself:  An Australian billionaire is planning to build a modern-day replica of the Titanic.  The maiden voyage is being planned for 2016 and will follow the same route as the original, from England to New York.  (via USA Today)

*In gay news, the NYC Pier Dance is moving indoors.  One of the most popular New York City Pride events, the Dance on the Pier, which has traditionally been held outdoors on Pier 54 is moving to the covered Pier 57.  Pier 54 has been deemed structurally unsound.  (via Next Magazine)

*In China, it really is a small world after all.  Now, you can walk from Britain to Spain and never leave Shanghai, where themed housing developments  are replicating famous cities from around the world.  (via Weird Asia News)

What did I miss?  Share your favorite travel news in the comments below or by posting on the Traveling IQ Facebook page.

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Amsterdam for Cat Lovers

Touring the city of Amsterdam, you will discover that houseboats make cozy homes for people…and kitty cats.

For a unique perspective on the lives of some of the Netherlands’ most frisky felines, check out the Poezenboot (or Cat Boat), a floating sanctuary for stray and abandoned cats, on the Singel Canal. When Henriette Van Weelde took in a mama cat and her kittens in 1966, she never imagined she was setting a course toward creating one of the world’s most famous shelters. Officially registered as a charity in 1987, the Cat Boat serves as a home and adoption shelter for the four-legged furries and a tourist attraction for us two-legged travelers. As the Poezenboot receives no government assistance and relies solely on volunteers and private donations, make sure to leave a little contribution after your visit—a little cat-tip for the catnip.

(To learn more, read the full article published on TravelSquire.com)

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IQ in The New York Times: Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

In Amsterdam, which claims to have the greatest number of museums per square mile in the world, few topics are left unexplored. There is a museum that delves into sex, another on war (or at least the Dutch resistance), and a museum dedicated, of course, to marijuana. Last fall, a museum opened with a focus on another topic that rarefied institutions generally avoid: tattoos.

Founded by the Dutch tattoo artist Henk  Schiffmacher, the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum is dedicated to the art, history and preservation of tattoo culture. Occupying 21,000 square feet of two beautifully restored 19th-century buildings, the collection is a wide-ranging one that documents the history of tattooing, from the prehistoric era to the present day…

Read IQ’s full article in The New York Times, by clicking on the picture below:


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IQ on Toronto’s Proud FM: Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ivan Quintanilla is the featured travel expert on Toronto’s Proud FM Radio “Your Morning With Richard & Chris.”

In this segment, IQ talks about travel to one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world… Amsterdam.

Click below to listen to the interview:

To learn more about Amsterdam, check out these recent articles.

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IQ in The New York Times: Maritime Museum

After a four-year renovation, the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam reopened yesterday, with a renewed focus on experiencing the Netherlands’ seafaring history through interactive presentations, voyage simulations and life-sized seafaring replicas.

Read IQ’s full article in The New York Times, by clicking on the picture below:


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Streaming Amsterdam’s Canal Parade

Can’t make it to Amsterdam Gay Pride this weekend? Don’t worry, the Dutch broadcasting company AVRO is bringing the party to a computer near you.  Amsterdam Pride is one of the most popular and unique gay events in Europe, with a parade that will literally float through the city’s canals on August 6.  Celebrate this year’s Canal Parade from anywhere in the world, by streaming live on Saturday at 2p.m. CEST  (6 hours ahead of American EST).

Want to experience it in person?  Amsterdam’s Marriott and Renaissance Hotels will sweeten your festivities with a bottle of pink champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

Their “Gay Pride” package includes:
• Night in a deluxe guest room
• Breakfast in the restaurant
• Bottle of pink champagne with chocolate covered strawberries
• Late check-out till 3p.m.

Click here to reserve your room.

And read about IQ’s own experience at last year’s Amsterdam Pride!

Photos provided by WeAreProud.nl

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IQ in The New York Times: “Glimpses”

What will our cities look like in 30 years? That’s the question posed by joint shows in New York City and Amsterdam, as architecture centers in each city simultaneously display an international collaboration, “Glimpses of New York and Amsterdam in 2040.” The exhibition organizers challenged 10 architecture and design firms to imagine a healthier urban future that includes new waterside cityscapes, neighborhoods and transit systems for both cities. “Glimpses” will remain on view in New York at the Center for Architecture (536 LaGuardia Place; 212-683-0023; www.aiany.org) through Sept. 10, and at the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture/ARCAM (Prins Hendrikkade 600; 31-20-620-4878; www.arcam.nl) through Aug. 13.

Read IQ’s full article in The New York Times, by clicking on the picture below:

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IQ in The New York Times: Airport Park

Air travel is no walk in the park these days — unless, of course, you are flying through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Last month, Schiphol unveiled the world’s first Airport Park, a 20,000-square-foot park within the international airport, beyond security and passport control.

Read IQ’s full article in The New York Times, by clicking on the picture below:

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IQ in The New York Times: “Kiefer & Rembrandt”

On invitation from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the contemporary German artist Anselm Kiefer was given full reign to create a new work of art inspired by the museum’s most famous painting, Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch.” The result, titled “La Berceuse (for Van Gogh),” unveiled today and  on display in the museum’s Philips Wing through July 4, manages to pay homage to those two well-known Dutch masters, Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh.

Read IQ’s full article in The New York Times, by clicking on the picture below:

Ivan Quintanilla in The New York Times

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