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BOUNCE: New Luggage Storage App

Man with too much luggage

You have enough baggage. You don’t necessarily want to drag it around while exploring a new city.

Luckily, now you don’t have to. Bounce is a new mobile app and website that connects you with local businesses that will store your luggage and bags.

Just imagine making the most of long layovers or unexpected flight changes, without being weighed down by a suitcase…

Read more on Travel Squire.

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Essentials for the Savvy Traveler

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 10.52.49 AM
(A version of this post was originally published in


Life moves fast. Traveling IQ is here to help you travel smart, with favorite travel essentials to keep you on track for a smooth, comfortable journey.

Rest comfortably while traveling and arrive refreshed at your destination. The Trtl Travel Pillow looks and packs like a scarf but is designed with the internal neck support needed to hold your head in a comfortable sleeping position. It is lightweight, soft on your skin, machine washable and half the size of the old-school U-shaped travel pillow. It’s the travel pillow designed for those who value looking smart and feeling awake.
Price: $29.99 at

Life’s special moments are sweeter when shared. And more impressive when captured as stunning high-quality videos and professional grade photographs. The ANAFI is the first flying drone to offer a 4K HDR camera and the capability to tilt vertically with precise digital stabilization. It is also portable, easy to assemble and embedded with Artificial Intelligence and automated flight modes. From high above, the ANAFI will capture your special moments with cinema resolution videos and image rendering, even in dark or overexposed areas. Smile!
Price: $699.99 at

A beautiful beach is a terrible thing to waste. But who wants to carry a bulky towel on every adventure? The Dock and Bay Classic Travel Towels use a unique microfiber blend which is super-absorbent, quick-drying and sand-resistant. Most important, the towels are compact, lightweight and won’t collect musty smells. They come in different colors to suit your style and in a handy pouch for easy carry.
Price: $12 at

Fearless explorers can also maintain beautiful skin. The Alchemi Labs Expedition Hat blocks 99.8% of UVRays and reflects 80% of the sun’s heat waves. The hat’s moisture-wicking sweatband will keep you dry, while the dark olive green and khaki color-motif will keep you looking like an adventurous Indiana Jones…with a really good dermatologist.
Price: $39 at

It’s a noisy world out there. With the Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones, you can control the soundtrack of your journey. Their unique Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology constantly reacts to outside noise and cancels it with the opposite signal for the clearest sound around. And now the headphones are optimized with access to Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, for full control of your entertainment and daily managing duties.
Price: $349.95 on or

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The Week in Travel (7/27/12)

The world of travel moves fast!   Let’s keep up–together.   On Fridays,  Traveling IQ curates the highlights from the past week:

*Virgins are making headlines:  Australian Virgins are too sexy (via USA Today), American Virgins wear Banana Republic (via NY Times), and Atlantic Virgins are blushing. (via NY Times)

*Jesus, Mary and Joseph are replaced by Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey at the Damson Dene Hotel.  The peaceful retreat, located in the Lake District of England has swapped the Gideon Bible in each of its 40 bedrooms with the popular erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James. (via Forbes)

*Marriage Equality Makes Money.  In the one year since New York became the sixth and most recent state to legalize gay marriage in the U.S., New York City has reaped $259 million of economic benefit and attracted 200,000 guests from outside of the city to attend same-sex wedding receptions. (via Bloomberg)

*Top Chefs pack their knives and open new restaurants in New York City. (via Next Magazine)

*These rooms will make a convert out of you.   Stay in a former monastery, jail or convent, recently crowned one of the world’s Top Ten Converted Hotels. (via Reuters)

*What would you do for a free vacation? (And by “free” I mean…) The online dating website,, matches “Attractive Travelers” without money, and “Generous Travelers” willing to pay. (via USA Today)

What did I miss?  Share your favorite travel news in the comments below or by posting on the Traveling IQ Facebook page.

(Photo via NY Times)

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IQ in The New York Times: Airport Park

Air travel is no walk in the park these days — unless, of course, you are flying through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Last month, Schiphol unveiled the world’s first Airport Park, a 20,000-square-foot park within the international airport, beyond security and passport control.

Read IQ’s full article in The New York Times, by clicking on the picture below:

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IQ in The New York Times: Dutch Winters

As the winter winds to a close (let’s hope), passengers traveling through  Schiphol Airport, serving Amsterdam, can still savor the season without ever leaving the warmth of the airport…

Read IQ’s full article in The New York Times by clicking on the picture below.

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JetBlue’s Travel Buffet

Who doesn’t love a good buffet?  Now you can gorge on travel with JetBlue’s “All You Can Jet” pass.  The pass is effective from September 7- October 6, 2010, and allows you unlimited access to over 60 cities.  Choose the $699 pass and “jet” anywhere, anytime; or the $499 pass which excludes travel on Fridays and Sundays.

Check the JetBlue website for more details.

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The Tiny Kitchen In The Sky

“Would you like pancakes or eggs, señor?”
On an AeroMexico flight I suddenly remember:  I love hot airplane food.

I know I am in the minority, and understandably so, but a hot meal on a plane transports me to a simpler time.  When I was a little boy, almost all flights longer than a few hours served a hot meal on board.  I was always fascinated by the logistics.  How did they make all that food in that tiny kitchen in the back of the plane?!  My mom complained our kitchen was too small.  Boy, mom was lucky!  She would not have made a good flight attendant.

And the pageantry of it all!  For starters, I thought anyone who wore a uniform was way cool.  The ladies were always so pretty (in my early recollections they are always ladies), with hair pulled back and stylish scarves adorned with wing-like pins.  They always smiled at me.  And they always gave me extra cookies, when I asked.  (Yes, I have always had a weakness for baked goods.   Yes, I will always believe that two cookies are better than one.) The pretty cookie lady would push the cart down the aisle, careful to always engage the brakes.  I would stare from my seat, wondering what she was serving, wondering what would happen if she forgot the brakes.  It was exhilarating.  Then like days later, the cart would pull up to my row.  She would reveal a tray from one compartment and carefully pull out the “hot stuff” from another.  Steaming sparkly foil, cling wrapped fruit, little plastic bowls…every segment was its own unique treat.

I pretend I am much more sophisticated these days.  Who cares about peanuts or pretzels? (Though I always take one of each.)  But in this time when travel is a litany of chores—take off your shoes, discard your water bottle, pay for your luggage—a hot airplane meal warms my soul.   Belly full with tasty, compartmentalized treats, is all the prep I need for a new adventure.

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JFK’s Longest, Under Repair

Pack a little extra patience and Xanax if flying through New York’s JFK Airport between March 1 and June 1, 2010, when one of the airport’s four runways will be closed for construction. Though the improvements to JFK’s longest runway are expected to reduce future delays, these months will pose a challenge for air-traffic controllers as they shuffle flights in the congested airport. Travelers should expect increased delays and airport alcohol consumption.

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