sexy bears in grass skirts
Photo by Gabriel Goldberg

“I’ve been on other gay cruises where I’ve sat in a jacuzzi with ten people and no one talked to each other. On VACAYA everybody in the jacuzzi knows everyone by name within five minutes,” said my new friend Thomas from New Jersey who I met through my new friend Terry from Illinois who I met through my new friend Nick from North Carolina.

I have yet to meet a stranger on a VACAYA vacation. And I’ve now been on three. 

In February, I joined VACAYA’s Caribbean cruise out of Fort Lauderdale to kick off the company’s fifth birthday, with what would end up being about 2,700 new friends. From my perspective, VACAYA’s greatest asset is attracting the supremely friendly guest. It seems simple but it’s quite the mysterious magic trick: to draw a crowd that values community and kindness, and has a blast at the same time.

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