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Want to support local drag? Don’t know how to navigate through all the bars, brunches and drag performers that shablam daily through New York’s queer and queer-friendly spaces? 

See The Queens (STQ) is a new platform connecting New Yorkers to the city’s local drag scene. 

Searching by date, time and neighborhood, users can find all types of shows and even get event recommendations based on their preferences. Drag performers can also be booked directly for private parties through their profiles on the website. 

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“STQ will expose audiences to a whole new world of drag performers, beyond what they see on RuPaul’s Drag Race,” See The Queens founder Scott Adam told Time Out. “This city, and every city, has incredible local queens, kings and things, and having a place to easily sort… truly allows audiences to experience the most exciting and vibrant entertainment like never before.”

Drag is, at once, the most popular and the most threatened it’s been in quite some time. The success of RuPaul’s Drag Race and its subsequent spin-offs continue to soar in a time when a record number of anti-LGBTQ+ laws are making their way through state legislatures, many targeting trans and drag performers.

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“If you google ‘drag shows in NYC’ most of the search results on the first page will focus on tourist-centric drag restaurants in Times Square,” Scott told Traveling IQ. “Local artists and those in less affluent neighborhoods are left off! By aggregating all the local drag information into one place, and focusing heavily behind the scenes on SEO, See The Queens aims to even the playing field and bring local drag artists to the front of the line.”

So come on, New York! See The Queens and support our drag community.

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