Ivan Quintanilla brings Traveling IQ to the Adam Sank Show
IQ with the boys of the Adam Sank Show

Last week, I had the honor of being the last live guest on the Adam Sank Show (ASS), before the podcast ends at the end of 2022. Adam is a brilliant comedian, host and journalist, and a dirty Hell’s Kitchen whore. He’s also been my friend for over 20 years.

Listen to Episode 262 for the travel tips and download for more information about me than you’d ever care to know: What is my favorite destination? Am I a member of the mile-high club? And why is Adam obsessed with the tip of my penis? (Perhaps best to listen with headphones if you’re in the office or in Sunday School class.)

Since April 2017, the Adam Sank Show has been a hilarious and informative platform to discuss LGBTQ+ news, pop culture, politics and sexy time. Hosted weekly by Adam Sank, with co-host Steve Chazaro and producer J.B. Bercy, ASS has featured celebrity guests like Bianca Del Rio, Rocco Steele, Lypsinka and many more. And now, just when I thought my chance had passed, ASS went and saved the best for last. (Not really but I enjoy using Vanessa Williams references.)

Put that ASS to your ear by clicking HERE.

Ivan Quintanilla featured on the LGBTQ podcast, Adam Sank Show
I have a face for ASS

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