Cubans love cocks in Little Havana

Long before the Cuban sandwich was available at deli counters, the café con leche brewed at hipster coffee shops and the mojito featured on every cocktail menu, the Cuban people built a home outside their homeland–so geographically near but completely out of reach.

After the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Cuban exiles escaping persecution by Fidel Castro’s government began settling in the area of Miami now known as Little Havana.

Last month I had the chance to explore Little Havana from a LGBTQ perspective. Today, as the world watches Cubans on the island demanding freedom, I’m excited to highlight some of the contributions my people–queer Cubans–have made to Little Havana and Miami, as a whole.

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If you are interested in helping the Cuban people, you can access a curated list of organizations at:

Gay Guide to Little Havana, Miami

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