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Now is the time to make good on those new year resolutions. You want to travel more; be adventurous; live a more spontaneous life. How would you like to embark on “A Blind Date with the World™?”

Don’t worry, that relationship will be unforgettable and built to last… for at least 23 days. 

The Global Scavenger Hunt is a real-life Amazing Race-type adventure. From April 17 to May 9, fifteen international teams will circumnavigate the globe, visiting at least ten countries over the three weeks, competing for the title of “The World’s Greatest Travelers.”

You won’t know any of your destinations until you arrive at the airport. And you’ll be participating in a series of culturally enriching, site-specific scavenger hunts along the way. Each stop will include its own immersive micro-adventure that will test your travel knowledge, survival skills and moxie. 

You think you have what it takes?

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