Tailor-Made London Tours

Urban Gentry

You’ve hopped on and hopped off.  Now, one London tour company is letting you steer your own sightseeing course.  Urban Gentry  matches your interests with an industry professional to provide in-depth, personalized tours of London’s art, fashion, design, food or architecture scenes.

All itineraries can be tailor-made to your specifications, or you can choose from one of their most popular tours.  Take the “East End: Hip Neighborhood Tour” to explore shops and galleries of London’s new creative hub, the “London Architecture Tour” to learn about the city’s iconic buildings from a London-based architect and professor, or the “London Fashion Tour” to visit both off-the beaten path boutiques and designer stores with your own fashion insider guide.

Learn about the different tours or start creating your own at www.urbangentry.com.

(Article originally published in Out Traveler)


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