I’m a greedy tourist. When I travel, I want to experience it all: the old and the new, the quaint and the cosmopolitan, the historic and the contemporary. So when I heard about a city that flows with the ease of a small town while boasting beaches, museums and architectural masterpieces on par with those of the world’s great cultural centers, I took notice.

Read the full travel feature in The Washington Post by clicking on the picture below:

5 thoughts on “IQ in The Washington Post: Valencia

  1. Fabulous piece! Though madrileña, I don’t think a valenciano could have described the city as you did: we are born with the old in the backyard and pretty soon the new becomes familiar. My first foot into USA ground was in Boston, MA, 17 years ago and I loved it, but couldn’t do anything about the feeling of missing some history when sightseeing: ‘this is it?’
    Keep it up, Ivan!

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