The New York Finger Lakes region is diving deep into a Halloween tradition this Saturday, October 22, when the Finger Lakes Underwater Preservation Association (FLUPA) hosts its annual “Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest.” Certified SCUBA divers are invited to register at 1 p.m. at the Village Marina in Watkins Glen. Only $10 gets you a pumpkin and an opportunity to demonstrate your carving prowess under the waters of Seneca Lake. On dry land the festivities continue with snacks, raffles, prizes, and all-around Halloween revelry.

But there is much more beneath the surface of Seneca Lake than pumpkins.  The deepest of the Finger Lakes, plunging 618 feet, Seneca Lake became a busy waterway when the Erie Canal opened in 1825, connecting the northern Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.  Then, steamships and barges transported supplies.  Today, some of those same barges lie in the bottom of the lake as historic treasures for a SCUBA diver’s pleasure.

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