Photo by Paul Morris

“Can I have a Whopper, with smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, porcini mushrooms and parmesan peppercorn sauce?…. Oh! and a beer, please.”
Yes, you can!

Burger King has always wanted you to “have it your way.”  In Miami, that will include the option of a beer when the Burger King Whopper Bar opens in South Beach later this month.  The first BK restaurant to sell alcohol in the United States will also sell traditional and specialty versions of its famous Whopper.   Fast food connoisseurs can choose from one of the “gourmet” concoctions or create their own from the 22 sandwich toppings.  The new burger being unveiled in South Beach this month,the BK Black & Blue Steakhouse, comes packed with blue cheese, pepper bacon, blackened Cajun sauce and onions.

The Whopper Bar South Beach, open 24 hours, will cater to the all-night crowd at its Washington Avenue and 11th Street location, while providing delivery service on branded mopeds between 10:30am and 11:00pm.  If successful, expect a new trend of fast-food chic expanding to other major cities.

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