Photo courtesy of Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum, Amsterdam

The world of travel moves fast!  Let’s keep up, together.  Today, Traveling IQ launches the first installment of “The Week in Travel” series, featuring noteworthy travel stories from the past week:

*LGA is the bottom!  Sorry New York, but La Guardia has been ranked “America’s Worst Airport” by Travel & Leisure readers.  Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) has been crowned the top. (via Travel & Leisure)

*Dude, where’s my Amsterdam?  A Dutch court has upheld the ban on selling marijuana to tourists.  The proposed members-only “weed pass”, which limits the sale of marijuana to Dutch residents over age 18, is potentially rolling out  Jan. 1, 2013. (via USA Today)

*The ship of dreams (again?!).  Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself:  An Australian billionaire is planning to build a modern-day replica of the Titanic.  The maiden voyage is being planned for 2016 and will follow the same route as the original, from England to New York.  (via USA Today)

*In gay news, the NYC Pier Dance is moving indoors.  One of the most popular New York City Pride events, the Dance on the Pier, which has traditionally been held outdoors on Pier 54 is moving to the covered Pier 57.  Pier 54 has been deemed structurally unsound.  (via Next Magazine)

*In China, it really is a small world after all.  Now, you can walk from Britain to Spain and never leave Shanghai, where themed housing developments  are replicating famous cities from around the world.  (via Weird Asia News)

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