A drag queen, a taxi driver, a waitress and a deli owner walk into an app…

Sounds of a City by Norwegian

…and emerge with Instagram episodes showcasing the iconic sounds of New York City.

Norwegian Air has launched a social media campaign to inspire travel through audio senses. And (beep beep, honk honk, police siren and unique accents all around) they’ve chosen New York City as their first destination. The “Sounds of a City” series will create five episodes for each city (next up is London), and use the noises, voices and characters that make each city sing. 

Flower Tortilla featured in "Sounds of a City" by Norwegian

“Many of these destinations have been advertised over and over for decades, so we wanted to present them in a new perspective. We believe the essence of traveling the world is to meet people, and communities play a crucial role in making the world closer. We want to shine the light on the locals, on authentic characters living in these cities. Through sounds we want our customers to have a full experience of the city not only during their trip, but prior to it, when they are still just only dreaming about it,” said Kei Grieg Toyomasu, Norwegian’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. 

Norwegian is the world’s fifth largest low-cost airline and operates more than 500 routes to over 150 destinations in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Thailand, North America and South America. Currently, Norwegian operates from 12 U.S. cities to eight European cities, with four new routes starting this year. 

Also, Norwegian has long been a friend of our community. Last year, they emblazoned the tail fin of their Boeing 787 Dreamliner with LGBTQ icon Harvey Milk, as a tribute to his legacy of fighting for equality. 

Norwegian honors Harvey Milk on their tail fin

“Norwegian was founded on the premise of bringing affordable fares to all. As we continue to grow, our message of inclusion is beyond just that of affordable fares, it is unifying customers, employees, and business partners from all over the world who share our vision of diversity. Like ours, Harvey Milk’s mission was reflective of a pioneering spirit. He demonstrated a tireless hunger to look past the differences of people and instead focus on bringing them together for the greater good,” said Bjørn Kjos, Founder and CEO of Norwegian Air.

Keeping it classy, sassy and diverse, the New York City chapters of “Sounds of a City” feature local drag queen Flower Tortilla, taxi driver Cokri Bouallegue, waitress Kristina Matut and Katz Deli owner Jake Dell. 

One thing is crystal clear from the series: New York City is a melting pot of cultures but one where individuality is celebrated. As New Yorkers, we keep our spice fully flavorful so it can better enhance the pot. 

Check out the series on Norwegian’s Instagram account (@flynorwegian).

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