Prison is a place where people are punished for committing crimes.  In reality, it is a place most want to avoid.  In reality, it is a frightening place.  Yet it is also a backdrop for a wide array of fantasies:  a female fight club where ladies rip off each others clothes; a group shower where men try desperately to hang on to their soap, or do they?; a rough hosing down by the maniacal prison warden.  For anyone who has ever fantasized about being LOCKED UP or doing HARD TIME, now there is a legitimate, socially acceptable, tourism experience.

Once a fully functioning prison, the Alcatraz Hotel in Kaiserslautern, Germany, now houses 56 rooms with flat screen televisions, suites with private bathrooms, and its very own conference center.  It is important to note that the Alcatraz is not a fetish hotel.  Stay in a suite or “comfort room” and enjoy a typical hotel stay in southwestern Germany.

But when in Alcatraz….

Stay in a “cell room.”  You will enjoy comfort: TV, phone, desk.  And you can engage in a prison experience: small single bed with a toilet and a sink, a tiny door through which to receive meals.  For these rooms there are separate men and women community showers located on each floor.  So hang on to your soap, boys, and don’t smile too much, ladies, or perhaps…

Alcatraz Hotel
67657 Kaiserslautern
Morlauterer Str. 1
Tel:  0631 41 40 40-0

3 thoughts on “Behind Bars at the Alcatraz Hotel

  1. How do you find out about these places!? Seems a little Shutter Island-y to me but I guess if you don’t suffer from claustrophobia and when you do get out you enjoy community living, this is the place for the discerning traveller who enjoys a way to certainly “get away from it all.”

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